Zong Sim Unlock Pin Code

How-to-Deactivate-Zong-3G-Internet-Package-300x161 Zong Sim Unlock Pin Code

Zong Sim Unlock Pin Code Puk Code Puk2 Code. Zong sim Unlock stick code. Zong sim open puk code. Zong sim open puk2 code. Zond reset stick code. Zong reset puk code. Zong sim rese puk2 code benefit. Zong PUK code for your Zong bolted SIM card and reset your PIN number to make your cell phone.

Zong Sim Unlock Pin Code Puk Code Puk2 Code

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Zong sim PUK code

Unfortunately, Zong is not permitting the clients to see the PUK code through online.If you need to produce PUK for Zong , take after any one beneath technique. The default PIN number for Zong is 0000 . Be that as it may, don’t expect or, then again attempt more than two times, which will prompt SIM bolt which asks PUK code. On the off chance that it is as of now bolted, attempt the accompanying technique.

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Technique 1

From a Zong versatile number , Type a SMS PUK portable number to 380

Illustration : 0165xxx45985 to 380.

Technique 2

From another Zong versatile number, call to the client mind number 310 In the event that you are calling Zong client mind from other system or land line then utilize the accompanying numbers 111222111

On the off chance that you are calling from spots other than Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi then put +92 rather than 0. The client mind individual will ask the SIM number imprinted on your SIM card which contains 8 to 15 numbers. You need to tell the proprietor of the SIM card which is enlisted on the name while getting it. Some other essential points of interest to Confirm that you are the proprietor. In the event that you figure out how to persuade the client mind individual, then they will give the PUK code.

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