12 Reasons why Japanese People look Young and stay slim most of their Lives

12 Reasons why Japanese Women look Young and stay slim most of their Lives

Japanese people, especially their women generally look much youthful, healthy and slim than other people around the world. You will hardly see any Japanese who would be fat or having a bad health.

Here we are sharing some of the secrets which Japanese people have embedded in their lifestyles:

  1. Healthy Cooking Methods:

Japanese cook their food using healthy cooking methods. You will hardly see any oil in their food and mostly eat grilled food.


  1. Smaller Portions of Food:

Japanese food portions are generally very small and they prefer to have fresh food, unlike us.


  1. Seafood:

Japanese people consume a lot of seafood which is rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids, unlike red meat which we tend to eat a lot leading to high cholesterol, obesity and heart diseases.


  1. Fermented Foods:

Japanese people are also into fermented foods which include: kefir, kimchi, tempeh, miso, kombucha and some other. All these foods undergo the process of Lacto-Fermentation and their consumption removes toxins from the cells and also helps in weight loss.


  1. Green Tea:

They drink Matcha tea, which helps reduce the effects of aging and also helps in weight loss.


  1. No Processed Foods:

They do not go for processed foods neither do they eat out or prefer fast food over a home-cooked meal.


  1. Hot Spring Baths

Hot spring baths improve skin health, improve sleep, and reduce stress, as they are rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium, and niacin.


  1. Martial Arts:

Japanese people are known for their Martial Art skills. This also helps them stay fit and healthy.


  1. Desserts:

Japanese people prefer healthy desserts which are mostly based on fresh fruits which keeps them stay healthy while enjoying a good sweet flavor and providing them with necessary vitamins.


  1. They Walk a Lot:

Japanese people are known to walk a lot and use bicycles to travel leading to good health.


  1. Skin Care:

They take special care of their skin on a daily basis which contributes to their youthful look and firm skin.


  1. They do not eat on the go:

Food is considered sacred in the Japanese culture. They eat their food on time and do not binge eat and also consider it to be very impolite. Also, they eat their food slowly which further helps in digestion and helps maintain healthy stomach and slim body.


Healthier looking skin and slim body is not only the consequence of good genes. Any person can achieve good health if they work hard and consistently for it. If you work on these above-mentioned principles, it is likely that you will also achieve healthy glowing skin and a slim body which everyone aspires to have.


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