5 Main Reasons FIVERR Accounts Get Restricted

 Fiverr is one of the best company so far to work online, as they are offering a great and trustworthy platform for buyers and sellers.

How to earn from Fiverr. 

A lot of people working on Fiverr, But be aware of these things otherwise Fiverr can block or restrict your account .


5-Main-Reasons-FIVERR-Accounts-Get-Restricted-300x158 5 Main Reasons FIVERR Accounts Get Restricted

5 Main Reasons

  1. Your Fiverr account can be restricted if you are using two Fiverr accounts from One IP. Fiverr team is smart enough to catch you so avoid using two accounts.
  2. Most People Use one Paypal email on different Fiverr accounts, so avoid buy real cialis online this. ( If you and your brother using same PayPal i.d for transaction then its can cause ban of your Fiverr account.)
  3. Don’t use Buyer Request to promote your own service or your account can be restricted.
  4. Don’t try to copy-paste message to buy anything because Fiverr sees it as a spam and can restrict your account.
  5. Never Give Direct email or phone number to anyone, because it’s against the Fiverr rule to deal outside of Fiverr, so avoid these.

For best guidance Read Fiverr Rules and if you face problem you can take help of Fiverr Support Team

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