5 Possible Replacement of JohnCena- Wrestlemania 32

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5 Possible Replacement of JohnCena- Wrestlemania 32

WWE superstar John Cena has been injured and could not compete in WrestleMania due to the shoulder injury.After this sudden injury of john Cena, WWE is looking for a replacement of John Cena match at WWE.

There are many superstars who could Replace John Cena to Face Undertaker. Wrestlemania is one of the biggest events of WWE as people are waiting for this event.

  1. Sheamus 
  2. Brock Lesner
  3. The Rock
  4. Triple H
  5. Rowan Reign
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Why They can Replace JohnCena

  • Sheamus League of Nation can dominate any superstar. So they can face Undertake.
  • Brock Lesner Can face Undertaker as they have some Unfinished business.
  • The Rock can face Undertaker because it can electrify the whole stadium to see OLD LEGENDS.
  • Triple H can Face Undertaker because There is No Time to Play The Game.
  • Rowan Reign is in form and if he loses the title at Royal Rumble he can face Undertaker.

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