5 Shocking WWE Royal Rumble 29th January 2022 Predictions

5 Shocking WWE Royal Rumble 29th January 2022 Predictions

Royal Rumble is one of the most entertaining events after Wrestlemania as people love to see who will be the winner out of 30 Contestants. Every year on Royal Rumble we have seen many WWE stars return. This year we will also see some Shocking Return of the Year.

5 Shcoking WWE Royal Rumble 27th January 2022 Predictions

So let’s go to our Top 5 Shocking WWE Royal Rumble Predictions

Prediction Number 5

Undertaker will participate in Royal Rumble but will be a knockout by Goldberg. The Old man looks not fit to fight anymore but still his passion for WWE will break all the barriers to be in action at Royal Rumble.

Undertaker Royal Rumble 2022

Prediction Number 4

The Great Khali Will be back in Royal Rumble. Indian Giant Great Khali will come back and soon will be get eliminated after a drama with another big guy.

The Great Khali Royal Rumble 2022

Prediction Number 3

Seth Rollins will not win this year. He will be eliminated by an old Superstar who will return this year.

Seth rollins royal rumble 2022

Prediction Number 4

Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle will return to WWE at Royal Rumble. This is one of amazing News for all of you because Kurt Angle is one of best wrestler we have seen in WWE. His comeback will certainly boost the WWE Ratings.

KurtAngle Returns

Prediction Number 5

Gold Berg will be the winner of Royal Rumble 2022.


Gold Berg Royal Rumble 2022


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