5 Wonderful moments that Talented actress; Mahira Khan would surprise you:

5 Wonderful moments that Talented actress; Mahira Khan would surprise you:

5 Wonderful moments that Talented actress; Mahira Khan would surprise you:

Mahira Khan is not just Pakistan’s sweetheart but also a woman who knows how to hold her place and how can she be focused. She is a talented actress and also the beauty of Pakistan. Here are five moments that social media focused on her in 2017.

  • At LSA 2017:

The moment when she took to stand on equality and rights at LSA 2017. At LSA she won ‘’best film Actress’’ for her best role in Ho Mann Jahaan, and asked people to bear and to be tolerant towards others beliefs and allow equality for all in her speech.

’What I feel we do deserve is a country where we have some sort of equality for every single body no matter what they believe in or what they don’t believe in. I really wish people saw people like us more often, all of us getting together, so much talent, so much love under one roof, it is truly amazing and spectacular. This is for my country and my fans.’’ Mahira Khan

  • When her images were leaked:

When she returned back to social media after her images were leaked with Ranbir Kapoor. She makes realized people that their negative comments don’t affect her personal life and it will not bow her down in from of her haters.

She came back for the promotion of her movie ‘’Verna’’. A huge number of fan following welcomed back her return.

  • First Pakistani Loreal Ambassador:

The third moment when she was selected as the first Pakistani Loreal Ambassador and spoke few lines on women empowerment at PLBW 2017.

‘’I am proud and honoured to be the first Pakistani Brand Ambassador for Loreal. Loreal celebrates women empowerment and it goes beyond beauty. Let nobody’s opinion define who you are because of all the women out there, including me, are worth it!’’ –Mahira Khan

  • While supporting the Me/too Campaign:

She supported the Me/too campaign. Telling the cause and standing for sexual misconduct.

‘’ Someone asked whether what we see in our society needs to e depicted in our films. I think its necessary and that’s how we reach the masses. If they watch something like Bol, Khuda Ke Liye or Verna, or even Udaari, they might reflect on the situation and think ‘I’m going to be stronger than this’’-Mahira Khan.

  • When she made a Case against the ban of ‘Verna’:

When her movie was banned she made a strong case by Censor Board.

‘’May the power of the voices of the people be stronger than a few in positions of power’’

‘’tonight I realize how powerful artists are, not those in power. We are. Why else do we get banned? Why else do our films pose a threat to them? In this game of power-we will always win. Art/love/truth always does!”

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