59% of U.S Employees Did Not Negotiate Salary

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59% of U.S Employees Did Not Negotiate Salary

You made your resume in the perfect sequence, wrote an impressive cover letter, rocked the interview and got the job. But wait! Did you negotiate the salary package being offered or just accept the initial salary offer?

Salary negotiation is not as common as you think. Let’s find out how many employees try to negotiate the salary package offered to them. According to a recent Glassdoor’s survey, 3 in 5 (59%) of the American employees accepted the salary they were first offered and did not negotiate the offer. The survey was conducted online by Harris Poll in which more than 2022 adults participated. Glassdoor’s survey also highlighted that a new employee’s willingness in negotiating the offered salary has something to do with age and gender.

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The Glassdoor’s survey reveals that as compared to 54% of men who don’t accept the first offer without discussion, 49% of women did. Most of the workers hesitate in negotiating the job offer as they think they may be attributed as “selfish” or “ungrateful”. Women, in New York, earn a medium salary of $46,208 whereas the median salary of men is $52,124. In the United States, women make only 80 cents for every dollar made by men. This wage gap needs to be eliminated because when women are paid more, our entire economy thrives.

Similarly, it was also highlighted in the Glassdoor’s survey that age also plays a vital role in negotiating the job offer. The survey shows, 55% of the workers who age 35 or older negotiate the job offer while 45% of those who age 18 to 34 do not negotiate the salary and accept what is offered to them.

The industry also pays a great role in it. Professional and business workers are more likely to negotiate salary. Part of it is also influenced by how competitive the job market is today. If you have recently lost your job or if you are unemployed for so long, there’s a sense of urgency to grab the opportunity at hand order tramadol saturday delivery without negotiating. In the US, the gender pay gap for younger workers is 2.2% as compared to 10.5% for employees older than age 55.

The survey further reveals that when there’s the point of securing more salary, only 1 in 10 of US employees reports in negotiating their salary and getting more money in the result. Here also, men are three times more successful in negotiating the salary and getting more pay in return. Among US employees, as compared to just 4% of women, 15% of men report that the salary negotiation of their most recent or current job lead in more money.

Considering the figures mentioned in the survey where 59% of US employees accept the initial salary without negotiation, what employees need to do is to empower their negotiations by being sure of the exact salary range being offered in the job market for that specific role. Workers may also surf various internet websites which may help them in knowing what they should be making based on the job market.

The goal of interview is not to share your personal stories or to become best friends. The goal of interview is to market your personality, your attitude and your qualification – presenting yourself as a right candidate for their job. At this point in interview, you should not mention your personal preferences or hobbies like you love to dance or sing or you love watching horror movies. These kind of answers lead to a surefire way to create your weak first impression and many of us believe that first impressions are the most lasting.

Before going for an interview, what you need to do is to have some time alone with you in which you try to analyze your strengths and weaknesses – all of your strong points that may help you to market your abilities in front of the interviewer. Write down these important points somewhere and before going for interview, read the job description clearly, have some idea about the company and then decide which of your strengths and skills will be compatible for the job.


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