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A DREAM of Footballer in Pakistan


A DREAM of Football players in Pakistan

Pakistan can qualify for world cup if they win this match…last 10 minutes of match Pakistan need one goal to make history.Kaleem Ullah shot from 30 Yards Oh my God that hits the pool……That could have been the moment Pakistan is looking forward.

See the Audience are on their Feet as last 2 minutes left. First time in History we have seen such big Pakistani crowd support their team

Japan desperate to win this match but a draw would be enough for them to qualify for WorldCup2022. 90 minutes are up we have 5 minutes stoppage time to end this tie. A great pass of 25 yards by Keisuke Honda to Shinji Okazaki this could be dangerous Shinji Ozaki going for shot…what a tackle by Zesh Rehman even the opposition are praising.

Pakistan still fighting hard Zesh Rehman Long pass to Hassan Bashir, last minute of stoppage time Hassan Bashir dribbling across Shinji Kagawa.oh, that’s an insane Nutmeg. Bashir Hassan Cross to Kaleeeeeeeeeem.

Kaleem is in a Position… Kaleem Ullah Heads it and it’s a Goaaaaaaaal……Oh my God…that’s insane….That is historical moment look at the celebration of Pakistan team here goes the final whistle and That’s something unbelievable as Pakistan have qualified for World Cup for the first time. All players Thanked God for this Wonderful Glory….Players and audience have tears in their eyes their hard work come up with a Biggest achievement. Perception, passion, hardship bearing, tolerance power and consistent efforts will only lead you to the success and this could be seen in this match.

This Could be Possible If you all Come and Support Our Team Pakistan!
We Can Create a History…..We can Fulfill our dreams

Written By: Shahzaib Ul Hassan

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