Adrienne Lawrence Claims a sexual harassment and Misconduct at ESPN:

Adrienne Lawrence Claims a sexual harassment and Misconduct at ESPN:

Adrienne Lawrence Claims a sexual harassment and Misconduct at ESPN:

The Boston Globe’s Jens Abelson gave an investigative report on the allegation of women’s discrimination. He said that ESPN is a hostile work environment for women, some of them feel that they are targeted to be a victim of sexual harassment and other feel that they become pregnant. Adrienne Lawrence claims a sexual harassment at ESPN.

Moreover, Abelson reported that the women who become pregnant hide that from their bosses and co-workers. They do so because they think it will have an impact on their current employment.

Abelson showed the name of talented women who is an attorney and suffering from women’s discrimination filed a complaint with the Connecticut Commission on Human rights and opportunities in the last summer. Lawrence claims that she and her female colleagues are marked as the victim of being harassed for unwanted sexual advances.

Moreover, she said that she got shirtless multimedia pictures of anchor John Buccigross. She also got flirtatious messages like ‘’thank you’’ and ‘’doll face’’ from him. He sends her that ‘’you are wonderful and dream girl’’. Lawrence; who is now a Madden 18 sideline reporter, further said that ESPN gave her warning to not speak up in public against them. They, later on, decreased her airtime and then denied her a permanent job.

The fact that represents that Lawrence isn’t lying because she filed a complaint and claim a sexual harassment at ESPN which means she swore under oath as to her allegations against ESPN.  A person when he swore under oath does under penalty of perjury. This means that if she lies and she knows that she will charge under the crime of perjury.

A statement that is claimed and sworn under oath guarantees the accuracy of that allegation. This statement leads to some degree of creditability to the complainant’s allegations. A person if doing the same with a journalist can do it without the fear of any perjury and thus he or she can lie.

Under Connecticut law ESPN has 30 days to respond to that allegation or the court will give default judgment. The commission was expected to do a case judgment review in the month when Lawrence claims a sexual harassment at ESPN.

The review will check the accuracy and the details related to that case. If it passes the hurdles, the commission will then do something to set up the dispute. To that time, the commission takes the help of a Mediator to work as a bridge of agreement between the parties. They want to resolve the case for some compensation such as back pay by the ESPN to the complainant.

Lawrence tweet on Friday and thank those who are with her:

‘’Thank you all who have been sending their support and sharing their stories, and thank you to the brave women who joined me in speaking up. I am grateful to the Boston Globe for sharing some of our experiences at ESPN in hopes of making change, letting others know they are not alone, and helping create an atmosphere in which women in sports too may come forward without rebuke or retaliation’’

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