Advantage of Buying Zong Internet Sim 2022

Do you Know the Advantages of Zong Internet SIM?

Internet SIM is one of the specialized data SIMs that is full of inexpensive bundles with affordable cost. This Internet SIM is specially designed for the dual SIM handsets but it can also be compatible with open market MBB devices. Moreover, it can also be fitted in tablets, laptops and any other internet compatible devices. It means internet SIM can supports all internet enables devices, it depends on the compatibility.

Advantage of buying Zong internet sim

It’s a type of SIM that is, you only have to put in the device and it will start working and you can enjoy using the internet. Make sure the SIM is inserted in the exact place means 3G/4G slot of the dual SIM handset or any other device. There are two slots in the device, one for 2G and the other for 3g or 4g; it depends on the device and the coverage area.

The advantage of Zong Internet SIM:

You don’t need to pay extra tax in internet SIM means its bundles are inclusive of taxes. If a bundles cost 1000 rupees, you only have to recharge 1000 rupees to get that bundle.

If you are using any network SIM as primary SIM and you do not want to change your number but still you want to use 4G internet, you can buy the Zong internet SIM and put it the Internet Slot of your Dual SIM handset, and continue using your original number for voice.

You can still buy Zong internet SIM if 5 numbers are already registered against your CNIC.

Method of buying Zong internet SIM & How to activate it?

Go to your nearest Zong franchise or a Zong retailer and get an internet SIM.

It can only be activated with a bundle, so when you purchase the SIM, the Zong representative will active a bundle of your choice and you can use your new Internet Zong SIM for the internet.

The bundles in Zong internet are auto-renewable which means you only have to recharge the balance and the bundle will be activated automatically.

You can get the best bundle that is Goodnight offer which gives you 1 GB every night and for the rest of the day.  This 1 GB is valid from 1 am to 9 am.

For more bundles of your choice, you can dial *6666# from your Zong internet SIM. Choose a bundle of your choice and then subscribe it.

You can buy the internet SIM in only 100 rupees.

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