All KAY/O lineups in Valorant’s Haven

KAY/O, Valorant’s robotic initiator agent could make a match simple to win in Haven, by utilizing some robust lineups.

The robotic terminator has a various capability package, starting from a suppression blade to a pair of flashes and a grenade. His motto is to neutralize the radiants in Valorant. The initiator could make the brokers depend on gunplay and suppress their skills. Therefore, KAY/O is a superb choose to play with, in Valorant’s Haven if the participant has the correct data of lineups.

Haven map callouts (Screengrab from
Haven map callouts (Screengrab from

Haven has three plant websites, which units it completely different from different maps in Valorant. Thus, KAY/O could make each attacking and defending simple with simple lineups.

The lineup will assist gamers encounter enemies with out taking a peek, in Valorant. Nevertheless, to execute it, one must have correct data in regards to the map and have a great sport sense.

KAY/O lineups for Haven’s A Website in Valorant

ZERO/level lineup

KAY/O’s ZERO/level lineup for Haven’s A Website (Screengrab from Ismael B/YouTube)

For the ZERO/level lineup at Haven’s A Website in Valorant, the participant must stand up on the sandbags at A Lengthy, close to the A Foyer door. Then the middle of the monastery’s nook grid must be marked. As soon as completed, the participant has to carry the ZERO/level capability HUD’s bottom-centre on the mark.

When the blade is thrown, it’ll wind up in the midst of the location and suppress the enemies coming below the radius.

FRAG/ment lineup

KAY/O’s FRAG/ment lineup for Haven’s A Website (Screengrab from u/Humain69/Reddit) KAY/O’s ZERO/level lineup for Haven’s B Website (Screengrab from Ismael B/YouTube)

If the staff plans to push by the A Brief to enter the A Website in Haven, then this KAY/O lineup could be helpful to withstand enemies taking a peek at A Lengthy from the Website.

The participant wants to face on the nook of the Backyard. Then search for and intention a bit away from the roof of the A Foyer. The crosshair will likely be someplace in the midst of the roof’s edge.

Then after throwing it, the grenade will hit the A Lengthy’s wall and drop on the entrance to the A Website.

KAY/O lineups for Haven’s B Website in Valorant

ZERO/level lineup

Pushing to the B Website in Valorant’s Haven map will be dangerous with out a robust lineup. Therefore, the suppression blade can resist the enemies from utilizing their skills. This might make issues simpler for a staff to win a struggle.

Nevertheless, to try this, the participant has to face someplace in between at Mid Window and place the crosshair on the backline of the wall. It will suppress everybody contained in the B Website.

FRAG/ment lineup

KAY/O’s FRAG/ment lineup for Haven’s B Website (Screengrab from B3ast Performs YT/YouTube)

Making the grenade wind up at B Website on the principle entrance door from the Mid will be simple with out taking a peek. That is solely doable with a robust KAY/O lineup.

The participant must intention on the crimson line on the constructing’s wall, then carry the crosshair vertically up on the window body, at Mid Window.

Then to throw the grenade, they should stroll a bit after which throw it to hit and bounce off the wall. It’ll drop on the gate and explode.

KAY/O lineups for Haven’s C Website in Valorant

ZERO/level lineup

KAY/O’s ZERO/level lineup for Haven’s C Website (Screengrab from Ismael B/YouTube)

Attackers typically push by C Lengthy, on the Haven’s C Website, nevertheless it’s a slender method that results in the location. Therefore, the ZERO/level lineup could make it simple for a staff to push inside the location, by suppressing the opponents.

For this, one must get to the nook, at C Lengthy, close to the doorway to C Foyer. Then intention up on the backside leaves, and throw them away. It’ll attain the C Website and suppress the enemies.

FRAG/ment lineup

KAY/O’s FRAG/ment lineup for Haven’s C Website (Screengrab from u/aut0matrick9/Reddit)

The participant must strike to the identical place because the earlier KAY/O’s ZERO/level lineup. Nevertheless, shifting a bit away is required. The participant should intention on the leaves current on the roof, close to the intersecting level.

The grenade will likely be dropped on the C Hyperlink entrance, on the Haven’s C Website. It will resist the enemies from coming into from the C hyperlink.

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