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Obsidian is each Minecraft participant’s least favourite block. Resulting from its excruciatingly lengthy mining instances, most gamers by no means have any Obsidian to spare.

Gamers largely use Obsidian for the creation of Nether Portals, thereby overlooking its full potential.

This text takes a take a look at the whole lot gamers have to learn about Obsidian in Minecraft.

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Obsidian in Minecraft


Shown: A surface Lava pool in which Obsidian can be formed (Image via Minecraft)
Proven: A floor Lava pool by which Obsidian may be fashioned (Picture by way of Minecraft)

Obsidian may be obtained in numerous methods. It may be spawned naturally in caves if water finds its method right into a lava pool. That is probably the most generally used method for buying Obsidian.

If the participant is fortunate, they could discover a floor lava pool, which serves as one of many best methods to accumulate Obsidian.

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To mine Obsidian, gamers should have both a Diamond or Netherite pickaxe. If mined with some other pickaxe, the block will break, and no merchandise will drop. Obsidian will take very lengthy to mine.

Gamers may barter with a Piglin for a ten% probability of receiving one Obsidian block.

Makes use of

Shown: A giant Nether Portal. Ignore the carnage in the background... (Image via Minecraft)
Proven: A large Nether Portal. Ignore the carnage within the background… (Picture by way of Minecraft)

As said above, Obsidians are generally used for the creation of the Nether Portal, a needed construct if the participant has any want to beat Minecraft.

Obsidian has many different nice makes use of. They’re listed under:

  • Three Obsidian wanted to craft a Beacon.
  • 4 Obsidian wanted to craft an Enchanting Desk.
  • Eight Obsidian wanted to craft an Ender Chest.

Along with these crafting makes use of, Obsidian is a particularly robust block and is often utilized in PvP for base protection. It is usually helpful when preventing the Wither, because the participant can create an enviornment by which the Wither can’t blow up!


Shown: A ruined Portal (Image via Minecraft)
Proven: A ruined Portal (Picture by way of Minecraft)

Obsidian may also be obtained in a number of loot chests. The chest places are listed under: (Java Version solely)

  • 24% probability to seek out 4-6 in a Bastion Remnant chest.
  • 8% probability to seek out 2-4 in a Nether Fortress chest.
  • 46% probability to seek out 1-2 in a Ruined Portal chest.
  • 25% probability to seek out 3-7 in a Weaponsmith’s chest.

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