Alleged Dota 2 cheater causes crash when anybody opens their in-game profile

A mysterious Dota 2 bug got here into the limelight when Reddit person InevitableHope4436 encountered an alleged cheater in one among their matches and tried to examine the cheater’s in-game profile.

As has been confirmed by a number of members within the Dota 2 neighborhood since this Reddit submit, the profile of the alleged cheater prompted the crash to anybody who tried to open the cheater’s in-game profile. Therefore, the bug is considered infinitely reproducible.

Dota 2 is a multiplayer recreation that receives common updates, so bugs will not be a uncommon incidence. Though the devs promptly squash many of the bugs, some nonetheless go undetected. Nevertheless, this case shocked the Dota 2 neighborhood because the exploit makes the job of merely wanting on the cheater’s profile for greater than 3 seconds, arduous to do.

The crash exploited by the alleged Dota 2 cheater has one thing to do with a malfunctioning Templar Murderer beauty

The aforementioned Reddit submit garnered the eye of the Dota 2 neighborhood and folks have been in search of solutions for why it’s inflicting a crash to everybody. One other Reddit person, who goes by the title Rogical, got here up with a possible trigger.

Apparently “The Clandestine Path” set for Templar Murderer is the potential wrongdoer. As a result of some malfunctioning code related to the TA set, gamers can apparently equip the entire bundle in TA’s weapon slot. When the sport tries to render this stated mixture, the sport crashes.

To offer a short breakdown of how Dota 2 cosmetics work, heroes have various numbers of slots (for instance, Axe has eight slots – weapon, head, armor, belt, taunt, misc, pet, and costume). Gamers can combine and match cosmetics from completely different bundles and equip them in separate slots.

Nevertheless, the sport crashing when displaying the malfunctioning beauty was put to make use of by the alleged Dota 2 cheater to most definitely create hindrance in checking their profile. It’s anticipated that Valve will quickly repair the damaged beauty merchandise for Templar Murderer. As for the alleged dishonest drawback, that’s altogether one other story.

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