Beneath Zero — The place to seek out Crystalline Sulfur

Crystalline Sulfur is a vital uncooked materials gamers want to seek out in Subnautica: Beneath Zero.

Crystalline Sulfur features as an oxidant and lowering agent within the recreation. There are a handful of locations to seek out it throughout the world of Subnautica: Beneath Zero. Gamers simply want to concentrate on any hazard in these areas.

The fabric is extremely helpful, with six Fabricator recipes requiring it for crafting and upgrading. This makes understanding methods to discover it much more very important, as a result of only one is not going to do the trick.

The place to seek out Crystalline Sulfur in Subnautica: Beneath Zero

Image via Unknown Worlds Entertainment
Picture by way of Unknown Worlds Leisure

There are a number of Biomes and areas in Subnautica: Beneath the place gamers can discover Crystalline Sulfur:

  • Arctic Kelp Caves
  • Crystal Caves
  • Crystal Fortress
  • Delta Island
  • Deep Purple Vents
  • Purple Vents
  • Twisty Bridges

Crystalline Sulfur may be discovered inside Sulfur Crops. This may be completed solely after the residing Crashfish has exited the Sulfur Plant. In Delta Islands, it may be present in thermal swimming pools and on the cave partitions.

Like many different assets in Subnautica: Beneath Zero, Crystalline Sulfur can be acquired from Sea Monkeys. They typically have assets out there to present to gamers.

Image via Unknown Worlds Entertainment
Picture by way of Unknown Worlds Leisure

Delta Island might be the participant’s finest wager to acquire an abundance of Crystalline Sulfur. Not solely do thermal swimming pools heat up the participant, stopping them from freezing to dying, however the materials can be discovered round them.

Lots may be discovered on the cave partitions as nicely. That makes Delta Island nearly a one-stop store for these looking for Crystalline Sulfur throughout their Subnautica: Beneath Zero playthrough.

After sufficient is gathered, it may be used to craft a number of gadgets within the Fabricator. These gadgets are the Restore Instrument, the Flare, the Laser Cutter, the Prawn Go well with Bounce Jet Improve, Gasoline Torpedo, and the Seatruck Afterburner Improve.

YouTuber Chemical Apes put collectively a beautiful information, displaying precisely the place to seek out Crystalline Sulfer. He takes gamers on a journey to the most secure location that has a ton of the fabric to reap.

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