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Best Internet Package | Telenor-2022


Best Telenor internet package 2022 in this article I going to give you cheap Telenor internet packages 2022 with completely guide Telenor internet. in article:

  • Telenor daily internet package,
  • Telenor 3days internet package,
  • Telenor weekly internet package and
  • Telenor monthly internet packages
  • Telenor provides the best 2G,3G,4G internet, and hop in future  Telenor will lanuch 5g so let’s start the article.


4G Telenor Daily Internet Package:g

4G Telenor daily package is the very cheapest rate from other packages and very good internet data packages they provide. I share all with details.

Daily 4G Package of the Internet:

Daily Telenor Video Package


Terms and Conditions:

You must follow the term and Conditions

  1. After Rs 60 of daily charging on default rate, further usage will be completely free for the rest of
    the day.
  2. Default rate usage without subscribing to the package will be charged at Rs12/MB on 3G & 4G.
  3. Default rate usage without subscribing to package will be charged at Rs21.5/MB on 2G.
  4. These bundle will work on 2G,3G & 4G

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