Best Online Dating Website – My Own Review

i have tried many dating website, but the result to find the perfect match was zero. So after trying too many platforms I decided to give a try to EHarmony Dating website.

I signed up for eHarmony, and here’s what happened! But first, what is eHarmony? I mean, you’ve probably heard of the popular dating site.

eHarmony is an online dating site that launched in 2000. Based in Los Angeles, California, millions of people have signed up for eHarmony and found love, friendship, and more.

What is eharmony like?

Signing up for eharmony is a commitment — one that could take more than an hour of your time.

After doing the basics, including adding a pleasing photo of yourself and filling in general information such as where you live and your age, you then get hit with a 150-question compatibility quiz that asks everything from what you believe your best traits are to what qualities you want a potential mate to possess during difficult times.

If you can’t finish the questionnaire in one sitting and need more time to answer these hard-hitting questions, don’t worry, you can come back to it later.

Brace yourself; the questions will cause you to be introspective, so get ready to learn about yourself in addition to others on the site.

Examples include:

Do you go through mood swings? Does life sometimes seem meaningless? Are you attracted to black men? Do you like to spend time alone?

One of the best, and possibly the worst, qualities about eharmony is that almost nothing is left unsaid when it comes to filling out your profile. If you don’t hit on a topic in your bio, you’ve likely touched on it in your compatibility quiz. The idea is that no stone is left unturned, with the goal of increasing the chances of finding a partner with whom you will feel that elusive spark.

eharmony Review :: Pros

  • The site is easy to use. It has a modern, clean feel to it, and it doesn’t take a college degree in computers to figure out how to navigate it. There aren’t a lot of extra bells and whistles to eharmony that you find on other sites. While some may see this as a “con,” when compared with how confusing those others’ bells and whistles can be, we see it as refreshing.
  • Finding like-minded Christians on other sites can be like finding a needle in a haystack sometimes. Depending on the site, you might have to read a lot of text on a lot of profiles to decide if someone calls him/herself a “Christian” in name only or if he/she loves the Lord wholeheartedly and lives to serve Him. While eharmony is not perfect, there’s something to be said for their 29 Dimensions of Compatibility testing (as lengthy as it may be). That, combined with stricter setting options for choosing how important commonalities in faith are with your matches, help give eharmony a slight edge in this department. eharmony also allows you to narrow down matches by denomination, which is something many of iits competitors don’t do. Furthermore, you can also let the algorithm know that it’s “very important” to you, which also helps the likelihood of you getting quality Christian matches.
  • Another pro is the very thing we mentioned above: the sheer number of people on the site. It’s one of the biggest online dating sites and chances are you’re not going to run out of matches anytime soon with as many new members as they add daily. When it comes to dating, can you really have too many options? Exactly.
  • However, if you do find yourself lacking in matches, eharmony offers “What If?” Your most compatible matches have a green “Compatible” label on their thumbnail; all other matches are Standard matches. However, eharmony has also implemented a subscriber-only feature called, “What If?” It allows you view eharmony members beyond your match settings. They’re people who are compatible with you, but not listed in your matches section yet. If you’re interested, though, you can turn them into matches and move forward into the communication process. If you’re not interested, keep moving.
  • eharmony also offers guided communication to get people started communicating. You can begin by selecting short answer questions from a list eharmony provides. Once you both send/answer those, you can send others. There is a catch–you can do the standard Q&A dance (asking and answering questions from a pre-set list of questions and answers) if you’re both not paying subscribers but you can’t freestyle your own words. If you’re both paying members, you can skip the formulaic Q&A and go into Open Communication (emailing) within the eharmony system. For those who are pros, going through the Q&A process can get annoying every single time you communicate with a new match, but it’s a nice feature for newbies who are a bit nervous about the World of Online Dating.

eharmony Review :: Cons

  • eharmony can be slightly expensive, but they do offer discounts if you buy in bulk–not Costco bulk, but more than one-month-at-a-time bulk. And again, if you read the fine print, there’s a way to ease your buying decision by understanding how to test drive it for free for 3 days.
  • One of our biggest complaints is that if someone is not a paying member, you have no way of knowing. So, while eharmony has a ton of members, they also have a ton of non-paying ones as well. That profile with the cute guy/girl who leaks Jesus and seems like the perfect match for you? Well, he/she may or may not be able to communicate with you because he/she may or may not still be a member. This is a big detractor, but we can’t dock eharmony too much in this area since it is not the only site that allows this to occur. Some other online dating sites will tell you how recently a match has logged in, though. For instance, in the last 24 hours, last week, last 3 weeks, or last 3 months. That feature is extremely helpful before attempting to communicate with someone, and it’s definitely a feature we wish eharmony had. However, if you decide to shell out major bucks and get their premier membership, they’ll allow you to communicate with anyone–even non-paying members.
  • The other issue that most people have is the inability to see the entire database of eharmony profiles. This isn’t a problem if you believe slow and steady wins the race since eharmony sends you up to 7 profiles daily for your review. But if you’re a marathon dater…well, marathon daters aren’t taking the time to read this post anyway, so never mind.

My eHarmony Dating Experiences

Date #1: For my first eHarmony date, I went out with Alan. He messaged me within a few minutes of me creating my profile, so I figured he must be genuinely interested. We met at Starbucks. One thing that turned me off was that he didn’t even offer to pay for my coffee.

Rob was nice and all, but he was a little too nerdy for me. We chatted a bit and then went our separate ways. I didn’t return any of his texts or messages on the site after that. There was just no connection or similar interests, other than the fact that he liked to cook as I did. I just took this date as a warmup of sorts.


Final Thoughts

Would I use eHarmony again? Yes, without a doubt. I’m not sure if I’d pay for a full membership, though, because it seems pretty expensive. But all in all, I can see why eHarmony is so popular and is literally one of the best dating sites around.

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