Best Ptcl Evo Wingle 9.3 Huawei & Zte New Working Setting (2022)

The setting I’m going to tell you is that Full Working for some areas and with full speed. Speed ​​will be calculated according to location.

The setting has to do something The first thing you need to do is download Zero VPN.I’ll give you the link to all of you.



And take care of one thing, in particular, Your wingle say to be active And how you will find out if wingle is active or not? If you open the official website of PTCL for this, your Wingle is active if it is open.



screen shot


Now all you have to do is download it and just do it You have to connect it to a SIM or wifi The setting for this is you select port and mark UDP: 53 and all the rest is to unmark.

Then you have to connect it to a different country like Germany UK Which country is getting good speed. Just make sure the connect has to do with a SIM or their wifi. When connected, minimize the vpn Then you have to connect the Direct Wingle WIFI. After that, you have to close the data Then a minute later the checkup will be running Free-Net.

Enjoy free Net unlimited 

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