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Best way To Hide Any Folder In Computer Without Any Software? 2022


Today’s Article, I will tell you that someone on the computer
How to hide a folder, ie. How many members already know this procedure?
But for those who don’t know, this article will be very important
So let’s go to today’s topic …

First, go to the properties of the folder you want to hide and there
Option to tick it and save the application just like the screen shorts below.

Now the folder is done. Now go to any folder on the computer and at the top
Click on Folder And Search Option and then the Organize option
Just as shown in the screen shortcut.

Click on View and then you will have a window show at the top of this window
Don’t Show Hidden File or Folder
Click and save

Now, now that your folder is hidden, no one will be able to see it
Now that you know how to make the show, you have to repeat exactly the same way
Click on Folder And Search Option then Organize by going to a folder first
Click on the tab and then the view will now open a window at the top of this window
Show Hidden File or Folder
Click on Save and Apply – just like the screenshot.

Well, your folder is now exposed.

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