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Best way to take a screenshot in a window 2022


Friends, if we want to take a screenshot in any window, we can use the print screen key.

But the problem is that after pressing the print screen button we have to paste the shot into the paint and then to crop it if necessary. In which the particular time is just reduced Dear Friends There is also an easy solution in our operating system window suture, a built-in tool that lets you take a shot of anything on the screen. You will not need paint or cropping for this, but you can select this particular area yourself.


So friends are the name of this tool  is “Snipping Tool”

Type Snipping Tool Press the Start button to access this tool and in the search bar

In front of you is a tool with icon scissors

Click on it, and the built-in screenshot talker will open in front of you

snipping tool


How to use


As you open this tool, all screens will be blurred.


Now you have to select the area you want the screenshot to take

As you choose the city, you will have a window open showing your screenshot.

You can save your shot from the command of the control plus s

In addition to this, you can see more options that you need in this tool.


If you do not understand anything, please comment.

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