Call of Duty Mobile vs. PUBG Mobile: Which One is Better?

There is a new battle in the town between PUBG and Call of Duty.

Nowadays, Call of Duty: Mobile is famous, and there is a predictable comparison with PUBG with it. And, let’s not mix the words here. You will feel Call of Duty: Mobile better game. Being the elements of practicality, the diversity of combat experience, and the only variety of game modes, you will enjoy Call of Duty: Mobile as a unique experience. Does it sound unfair to PUBG Mobile? Of course! PUBG Mobile has been the famous battle royale, but Call of Duty: Mobile does it best. The principal difference – and by that we mean the gameplay quality between PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty: Mobile – is clear evidence from the get-go, and it is quite surprising since Tencent Games is the source beside both games.

Now, when we have checked the difference between both, let talk about Call of Duty: Mobile, and shortly go through what makes it among the best FPS mobile games. If you know using Call of Duty on your PC, you will feel like you are at home, as Tencent and Activision have done a fantastic job of bringing the experience to mobile. When we are going to talk about the game modes, you can select between Free-For-All, Battle Royale, Hardpoint, Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Frontline.

Team Deathmatch and Frontline are the normal kill count modes where the team that approaches the kill target first is considered a winner. But, Domination is the game where the coordination skills and efforts are tested. But, let’s talk about Battle Royale – the elephant in the room. Well! To be honest, the Call of Duty: Mobile’s Battle Royale mode is much better than PUBG Mobile.

The combat experience in Call of Duty: Mobile

The terrain is more real, and vehicles are more appropriate as compared to the ice sheet or blotchy grass when you in the maps of PUBG Mobile, such as Vikendi and Erangel. The degree of damage done by guns is more forgiving and logical at the same time. Talking about the flip side, it can be a little disturbing if you try to destroy an enemy at close quarters with a sniper gun.

Two control modes are there in Call of Duty: Mobile. A Simple Mode is for the beginners, and an Advanced Mode is for those people who trigger response and want to control the movement.

The map aesthetics and combat settings do a great job of showing a warzone, an abandoned yacht, or a nuked land – notably any configuration when a unique ops unit is possibly deployed. The gameplay experience of this game is smoother than say PUBG Mobile and Modern Combat 5, and the targeting experience and lag-free movement are a cherry at the top.

Call of duty mobile obb game play

But, an exciting thing is this game experiences something more than a simple approach plain shoot-em-up. This game involves scouting the foes aerially, calling a drone strike, or demolishing the enemies through deploying the cluster bomb payload. You can easily attach different enemies in a row, gain scorestreaks, and deal with the damage whatever fashion you need. After that, there are multiple weapons, such as a grenade, for taking out a bunch of enemies at the same time. Or, if you love more slaughter, the flamethrower gun will hurt various souls at once.

In the game, Call of Duty: Mobile, the loadout is when you are gearing up for battle. Diversity of weapons at your disposal is remarkable, and the options of augmentation are something worth to talk about. The melee weapons launchers, tactical and lethal equipment, etc. are all there, and if you are going for the options of customization, you will not be let down ever.

Among the best PC to phone iterations out there, one of them is Call of Duty: Mobile. And it is not wrong to say that Activision has done a fantastic job of getting this game’s experience to the mobile platforms would be sarcasm.

Killcam feature

Probably, there are irritating issues of log-in every now and them. We may have come across multiple instances of the player with the abrupt exiting of match. For the beginners and those people who are searching for a real experience of shoot and win, the sheer diversity of gameplay modes, the customization, and loaded Loadout options may be overwhelming. But, when you pass that stage, this game would be a lot of amusement.

The matchmaking times of Call of Duty are similar to that of PUBG Mobile, offered the servers not overloaded at once. The first impressions were gained over 8 hours of gameplay, but we will include your final judgment until our detailed review.


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