Can Slugma be shiny in Pokemon GO?

From 6PM to 7PM on March thirtieth, 2021, there can be a Highlight Hour to catch the Lava Pokemon, Slugma, in Pokemon GO.

Is there an opportunity that Shiny Slugma could be coming with this occasion although? Sadly, no.

Can Slugma be shiny in Pokemon GO?

Image via The Pokemon Company
Picture through The Pokemon Firm

The reply is, sadly, no. Niantic hasn’t launched shiny Pokemon for any of their Highlight Hour occasions in a very long time. There can be a considerable amount of Slugmas to be caught in the course of the hour, however none of them can be shiny.

It is a bit disappointing seeing as if many of the different Era II Pokemon have already got shiny kinds. Slugma was launched in Pokemon Return in 2017 and nonetheless hasn’t obtained a shiny model.

Slugma was one of many new Pokemon launched in Era II that might solely be caught within the Kanto Area. It evolves into Magcargo, a lava snail that was the one Hearth-type and Rock-type Pokemon in existence (earlier than Coalossal got here with Pokemon Sword and Defend).

Magcargo’s declare to fame was probably its inclusion on Gymnasium Chief Blaine’s staff within the Era II video games. In HeartGold and SoulSilver, Baine’s Macargo had a White Herb, so when the Pokemon used Overheat and had its Particular Assault dropped, White Herb would reset its stats. This was positively a shock for gamers to take care of.

Niantic has gone by means of the remainder of the Generations, having not too long ago launched shiny kinds for many of the Era V Pokemon in addition to the Talonflame line from Era VI. Many fan favorites from Pokemon Gold and Silver, corresponding to Typhloshion, Ampharos and Tyranitar, have all obtained shiny kinds.

Imagine it or not, although, Slugma isn’t the one Era II Pokemon ready on a shiny. Hootoot and Spinarak don’t have shiny kinds out there both as of but. It’s probably that Niantic is barely going to concentrate on the most well-liked Pokemon in each Era to present shiny kinds to, and Slugma won’t make the lower.

Simply because they received’t be releasing Shiny Slugma although, doesn’t imply the whole occasion is wasted. Gamers will earn Double Catch Sweet for catching Slugma in the course of the Highlight Hour.

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