Centaurus Mall Imposed a Rs 500 Entry Fee For Boys

If you are single then you should forget to visit Centaurus Mall, Islamabad! Well most of the people who were not aware of the new policy of the Centaurus Mall, they get a rude shock on their visit at the time of Eid Festival. The management of the mall has decided to impose the charges of Rs. 500 on the entry fee for men in the mall. How rude! Another big shock given to the men was that the entry fee was also made non-refundable as well.
It has been witnessed that a huge number of men were visiting the Mall each single day as roaming around here and there and teasing the women in public. This leads the administration to introduce a Rs. 300 coupon for single men entering the mall. This step was hugely criticized by the men on the social media and it was removed with time.
But now once again the administration hiked the amount to be paid by unaccompanied males to an outrageous cost of about Rs. 500. This was a rather a bold step that was taken after receiving many complaints from the women visitors of the mall.


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