Change the IP of a DSL device-2022

Today i will tell you how you can change your IP on a PTCL connection DSL device
If you think your IP is known to someone and is scared of hacking or you are giving someone a connection and again and again
Coming to Conflict IP or you want to use an extra router with DSL

So you have to change your DSL’s IP
So that both devices can be controlled on the same computer
Let me tell you how to change KI
That way your two or three issues will be resolved with IP change
Log in to the device with the old IP first
Normally IP by default of DSL

Maybe you have something else to login with

First after logging in

Advanced Setup

Click on the menu and then the menu will open underneath it


Have to click and a screen show will be there


You will see whatever you wish to put there and write it on the end

Apply / Save

Click to save settings … is not easy – for those who don’t understand.
See that brother screenshot and set it up


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