Do you think Social media is the only reason for Child depression?

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Ranger Chatterjee who is a GP reported that he has many reasons and proofs of the association between depression in child and their use of social media.

Do you think Social media is the only reason for Child depression?

A 16 years old boy suffering from mental illness came to him and after analyzing all he came to know is the ‘’the use of social media’’. He concluded this after he chatted with him. But at the start, the child was put on anti-depressants.

‘’the first thought was to put him on anti-depressants but I chatted with him and it sounded like his use of social media was having a negative impact on his health’’

After analyzing the doctor give them a simple solution and that was just to disengage from the use of social media sites if he can’t do that, at least he has to put himself away from social media just one hour before the bed. After two weeks, he should extend the timing to two hours before the bed and two hours after the bed.

‘’He reported a significant improvement in his wellbeing and after six months, I had a letter from his mother saying e was happier at school and integrated into the local community’’

This case and other causes related to this lead him that social media is the main evil that is playing a bad role in youngster’s life.

‘’social media is having a negative impact on mental health’’ he said. ‘’I don’t think it is a big problem and that we need some rules. How do we educate society to use technology so it helps us rather than harms us?’’

He is not alone in this case, other welfare of children also requested to ban the messenger app for kids to Mark Zuckerberg because this app has a great role in kid’s life and encourage them to use that firm.

The mood swings while using a mobile phone is just the use of this social media upon receiving a message that they don’t like it lead them into depression.

Child Depression

Recently a survey was conducted in which Roya Society Of Public Health ask 15000 young people aged between 11 to 25 to notice their mood while using 5 type of social media sites. Among 10 people, 7 said Instagram has the worst effect on their life and health. Half of them said Instagram and Facebook both have the worst effect and is responsible for feelings of anxiety and depression.

Shirley Cramer came to the solution and give three specific solutions related to this problem.

When a child uses social media, he should receive a pop-up notification whenever he spent a specific time.

A watermark on photos that have digitally manipulated

Promoting lectures on how to use social media in a right way.

She concludes ‘’ social media has become a space in which we form and build relationships, shape self-identity, express ourselves and learn about the world around us; it is intrinsically linked to mental health’’

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