Cricketers Wishing Wahab Riaz’s Wife on their Anniversary and Ahmad Shahzad’s hilarious wish

Cricketers Wishing Wahab Riaz’s Wife on their Anniversary and   Ahmad Shahzad’s hilarious wish:

Wahab Riaz’s anniversary was on 30th of November, and due to him playing for Lahore Whites in National T20 Cup which ended on the 1st of December, he was not able to be with his wife on their fourth anniversary which was a very important event and every wife wants and expects to celebrate this event with her husband.

Wahab’s wife posted a picture of their marriage on Twitter wishing him happy anniversary but the cricketer still tried to make it special by posting a video of him and his fellow cricketers wishing the couple a happy anniversary. Ahmad Shahzad made a savage wish to Wahab Riaz’s wife, which has been circulating all over social media.


Click the link below to see the video to see what Ahmad Shahzad said:

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