CULTURE DAY The national tango day Argentina 2022

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ARGENTINA CULTURE DAY The national tango day Argentina 2022

The national tango day Argentina is a cultural day, that is celebrated every 11th of December in monumentalization of two creative artists of Argentina. Carlos Gardel, a well famous figure in the history of tango, and Julio de Caro, the orchestra conductor in the tango genre. Julio de Caro was honored by the national government with a declaration of December 11 (his birthday – which he shared with Gardel) as “National Tango Day;” on that day in 1977, he received a standing ovation at Buenos Aires’ Luna Park Arena.

Argentine tango is a musical genre and accompanying social dance having its origin from the 19th century of Buenos Aires and Montevideo.It has its cultural origin from 1859 to 1890 Argentina and Uruguay. It typically has a 24 or 44 rhythmic time signature, and two or three parts repeating in patterns. Its lyrics are marked by nostalgia, sadness, and laments for lost love.

Argentina Tango day

Visiting Buenos Aires on National Tango Day Argentina is a real adventure.Variety of tango festivals are arranged.Partners who had practiced for long perform on that day.Visitors from different areas of the world celebrate and cherish this tango day.Every one can immerse oneself into these multiple tango festivities and watch dancers performing a tango.They can go to dancing school and learn several basic steps.The national tango day Argentina is a  cherishing culture day that is coming this year on December 11. Argentina culture day is a day on which people visit there in order to relax, to refresh themselves from the boredom of a mechanical busy hectic life. This festival is full of dance, melody, music and a bundle of mesmerizing performances.

Why tango?why this dance is so famous and valued that it is practiced and celebrated in commemoration of its contributors?This is a very pivotal question that needs to be answered.Its because this not just a play of instruments like Accordion, Bandoneon, piano, guitar, violin and double bass  but Tango also targets 6 main areas considered to be important for high quality of life and successful aging:

  1. physical exercise: Tango increases mobility, balance, stride length and core strength.
  2. social satisfaction: Interaction with people with similar interests as tango is a partnered dance.
  3. spirituality and mindfulness: As a sense of connectedness and understanding with others and the ability to learn a new activity while decreasing isolation .these are some of the common interests of diseased patients.
  4. cognition: Dance appears to be an effective exercise to counteract dementia.
  5. meaningfulness: As this dance is goal oriented.
  6. emotional and educational health

While all types of dance confer some types of benefits, Argentine tango dancing, in particular, has documented proof that these areas are improved in both healthy and disabled populations. Enlightening the importance of tango simplifies the worth of the cultural day of this dance.The national tango day Argentina thus not only keep a worth due to its inventors and their tremendous contributions but also due to the multidimensional role of tango in society.Therefore, if you are suffering from any of the above physical and spiritual problems or if you are bored of this hustle and bustle busy life.Then stop and schedule some leisure time for yourself and for your family members in order to celebrate the national tango day Argentina.


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