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Facts about millions Google dark web and its role in Zainab’s rape and murder


The real facts about millions Google dark web and its role in Zainab’s rape and murder case:

Anchorperson, Dr. Shahid Masood as he is very serious about Zainab’s case. He claimed that Imran Ali is an active member of an international gang that is also involved in the spreading of child pornography over the dark web has triggered unprecedented curiosity among the masses to know about the dark web.

Dark web is a network is a network that consists of illegal websites that are frequently used for illegal trade and other such activities.

Related to child abuse in district Kasur (where Zainab case happened) is because of the dark web that is attracting huge public concentration. In the past week, over 1.3 million searches have been done in different parts of Pakistan. The term which was searched a lot were ‘’dark web’’ ‘’deep web’’ ‘’dark websites’’ ‘’what is dark web’’ were on the top of search list in Pakistan.

Dark web

According to the search engine data which shows that the most search result was in Baluchistan, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Islamabad, Sindh and Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

The dark web according to Punjab University College of Information Technology (PUCIT), Principle doctor Mansoor Sarwar is a hidden network and secretive part of internet website which is found from the early days of the internet.

‘’It is not a new thing but everywhere in the world people hardly know about this dark side of the internet because it is not available over search engines’’ he pointed out about the dark web was all about illegal activities which were punishable under the law everywhere in the world. ‘’dark web is primarily used for illegal arms and drug trade, child pornography, extremist, terrorism, hacking and other illicit activities. All these illegal activities are generally funded or traded through cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, owing to their anonymous nature.’’

Dr. Sarwar said: ‘’over 3.8 billion of over seven billion world population has access to the internet which means over 54 percent of the world population has access to the internet. The number of internet users worldwide has been increasing by one billion every five years since 2005. Among the 34 countries in Asia excluding Korea, Pakistan has sixth lowest internet penetration with only 22.7 percent of its people having access to the internet’’


‘’however, available estimates indicate that surface web or visible web is only 4 percent of the total internet and the rest is deep and dark web or invisible web that cannot be indexed on the search engines. It consists of a big and small peer to peer networks which cannot be accessible to the normal web browser. It is accessed through special web browsers like Tor,’’ he elaborated. ‘’Websites in the dark web are accessed through special URLs having a complex alpha-numeric string and.Orion suffix very similar to the popular .com or .net suffixes of surface web. These were the real facts about millions Google dark web and its role in Zainab’s rape and murder case.

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