Death Stranding: Gameplay, Release Date, and More

The Death Stranding is the project of Kojima Productions, initiated by the iconic maker of classics such as ill-fated Silent Hills, Policenauts, and Metal Gear Solid.

This game is coming out next week. It takes almost one year in the creation of the game. It is coming out on PS4 first and then to PCs in 2022. I bet you have not seen anything like this adventurous game before.

The Death Stranding game is getting shaped to be something amazing and unique.

Death Stranding release date

Death Stranding release date – When is it coming out?

Kojima and Sony Productions have agreed that the Death Stranding game will be coming on 8th November 2022 at PS4. The PC mode will be released in 2022 summer, and it will be published through 505 Games.

Editions of the Game

There are some exclusive edition bundles for the Death Stranding game. Here we are going to talk about every version so that you can easily decide the one that suits you the best.

Death Stranding

Base Game:

If you pre-order the base version of Death Stranding via specific vendors, and PlayStation Store will offer you the below-mentioned bonuses like cosmetic items, clips, and music for using in the game.

  • Gold Armor Plate
  • Gold Sunglasses
  • Gold Speed Skeleton
  • Gold Hat
  • Chibi Ludens PSN Avatar
  • PS4 dynamic theme

Special Edition:

  • Gold “Ludens Mask” Sunglasses
  • Custom Steelbook including games
  • All the base game preorder bonuses

Death Stranding

Collector’s Edition:

  • Custom Steelbook including games
  • All the base game preorder bonuses
  • Gold “Ludens Mask” Sunglasses
  • Death Stranding Timefall
  • Gold Armour Plate
  • Gold Power Skeleton
  • 10 PSN Character Avatars
  • Gold All-Terrain Skeleton
  • Bridges Cargo Case
  • Ludens Keychains
  • BB Pod Golden Baby Figurine

The Trailer of the Game


Death Stranding Gameplay


The Death Stranding game is an open-world game having different elements, which occur around different regions. The players must route for reconnecting the United Cities in America.

Death Stranding Gameplay

Check out its demo; the game appears quite exciting, we hope you would love it. Let us know in the comments and get updates through our channel.

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