Disney is producing Telefilm on Pakistan Celebrating Eid Festival

 Due to quarantine  the life of Disney has been dull and devastated due to increasing number of death ratio in US. That place which used to be the most crowded tourist destination in US has Now the early birds have taken over. However, the show must go on, the production giant stepped forward to make a short film about  how the Pakistani families celebrating their Eid festival.

A low-budget film with low subscription will be made by the Walkt Disney Motion picture. The rumors are that the company is looking for Pakistani actors for this short film. The characters in the film include an Amina, nine or eight years old, who needs to celebrate Eid holiday in America after the month of ‘Ramdan.

Eid is not celebrated in the United States as a national holiday, and Amina realizes she will have to go to school and her father will have to work through the celebration. Amina is filing  a petition around her campus, in her quest to celebrate Eid. When she gets older Zara, discovers she becomes very mad over this. When her older sister argues for this, Amina becomes heartbroken, and starts talking to her. 

However, they have a big fall out owing to her younger sisters wanting to celebrate Eid. Many characters includes in this short film like her grandparent and her husband. We are curious to know and watch the upcoming flicks from Disney about that short film. 


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