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What is PTCL Charji EVO?

Get ready for a stunning correspondence involvement with the up and coming age of remote Broadband – Charji EVO. Turn into a piece of elongated haul Broadband advancement and prepare yourself for unrivaled perusing and quick downloads. Well, the fact is this magnificent device has a capacity to act things quicker –whatever it is whether it is reading an email or sending the pictures, and do considerably more, anyplace, whenever. We’ve constructed the country’s speediest remote administrations system to enable you to dig up the large quantity out of the remote Internet.

With Charji EVO prepare for a genuinely consistent network involvement; No holds up, No support time, No slack – Charji gets you associated with the outer world that is online and that too in no time. Well, the matter of fact is that through this you get the speed for up to 5 times more from the other gadgets. Are you still looking for something else?

CharJi EVO Wingle

PTCL CharJi Coverage Areas

CharJi LTE administrations are accessible all the areas of Pakistan from in Karachi, to Faisalabad, and Quetta to Noshkee.


  • Pakistan’s speediest remote broadband
  • Attachment ‘n’ Play availability with Charji EVO dongle
  • Numerous gadget available with Charji EVO Cloud
  • In reverse similarity for consistent 3G availability in 250+ EVDO secured urban communities

Following are the description of devices and their packages information. Have a look to them;

PTCL CharJi Wingle:

  • CharJi wingle is a Wi-Fi modem that is small and you just have to plug it in computer or shoe and start using it.
  • However, it possibly will be controlled by any outer USB control source.
  • Backings CDMA2000 1x EV-DO Rev.B and can be used anywhere in Pakistan.
  • Interfaces up to 10 Wi-Fi contraptions at the same time
  • The price of this device is 2500

PTCL CharJi Cloud:

  • CharJi EVO is deemed to be dual-mode supportive.
  • This can support up to 10 devices at a sole time.
  • It is supported for a 32 GB Card
  • It also has the trait of MicroSD Card share over the Wi-Fi Interface.
  • It has a 2300 mAh battery that can easily be used for a time span of 5 hours at the stat.
  • The price of this device is 3500

PTCL CharJi Cloud:

  • This one has a sole mode battery that is fueled as CharJi LTE Hotspot gadget.
  • Experience Ultra-quick LTE speeds in CharJi empowered urban areas.
  • Backings up to 10 associations at one time
  • It has a 2300 mAh battery that can easily be used for a time span of 5 hours at the stat.
  • Supports a card that is of 64GB
  • The price of this device is 3500

Why use charji EVO?

  • A scope of smooth and intense gadgets comprising of dongles in addition to adaptable devices
  • Quicker Web perusing, HD Video Streaming
  • Altogether speedier Downloads, Uploads with to a great degree low Latency rates for gamers.

PTCL EVO Char Ji Packages :

  • 10 GB* for 30 Days in Rs. 1,000
  • 20 GB* for 30 Days in Rs. 1,250
  • 25 GB* for 30 Days in Rs. 1,500
  • 50 GB* for 30 Days in Rs. 2,000
  • 75 GB* for 30 Days in Rs. 2,500

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