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The Bastion Remnant is a large Minecraft construction that was added within the Nether Replace. This construction is residence to a number of the most harmful mobs in all of Minecraft. The Remnants are additionally residence to a number of the greatest loot, making them a extremely sought-after construction.

As a result of their huge measurement, gamers might not know every part that Bastion Remnants have to supply. Very like different naturally generated mega-structures, the Remnants encompass a number of buildings in a single, which every have particular loot and mobs.

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Bastion Remnants in Minecraft: Every thing gamers must know


Shown: The Treasure Room of the Bastion Remnants (Image via Mojang)
Proven: The Treasure Room of the Bastion Remnants (Picture through Mojang)

As acknowledged above, Bastion Remnants home a plethora of various buildings.

Treasure Room

The Treasure room consists of a pool of lava, with a middle space that may comprise a number of chests and Gold Blocks. There’s additionally all the time a Magma Dice spawner situated inside a Treasure Room. Right here is the attainable loot discovered inside this construction:

  • Golden Carrot
  • Crying Obsidian
  • Spectral Arrow
  • Enchanted Guide
  • Historical Particles
  • Diamond Shovel
  • Enchanted Diamond Pickaxe
  • Netherite Scrap
  • Pigstep

Hoglin Steady

Hoglin stables will normally comprise the Hoglin mob, a harmful mob distinctive to the Nether. Hoglin Stables may comprise chests, with a novel loot desk. Right here is one of the best loot that may be discovered on this construction:

  • Crimson Fungus
  • Block of Gold
  • Enchanted Diamond Shovel
  • Golden Carrot
  • Golden Apple
  • Netherite Scrap
  • Historical Particles
  • Pigstep


Bridges are huge buildings that stick out of the facet of Bastion Remnants, appearing as an entrance. Bridges additionally generally comprise chests that present the next loot:

  • Netherite Scrap
  • Crying Obsidian
  • Enchanted Crossbow
  • Spectral Arrow
  • Diamond Armor
  • Enchanted Diamond Sword

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Shown: A group of Piglins and Hoglins. Very Dangerous! (Image via u/LordOfAllEggs on Reddit)
Proven: A bunch of Piglins and Hoglins. Very Harmful! (Picture through u/LordOfAllEggs on Reddit)

Bastion Remnants are residence to a number of the most harmful mobs in Minecraft:

  • Piglins (with or with out armor)
  • Piglin Brutes
  • Hoglins
  • Magma Dice

Piglins, Piglin Brutes, and Hoglins will spawn upon era of the Bastion Remnants, and won’t naturally be despawned till they’re killed. Piglin Brutes will name different close by Piglins to assist if they’re attacked. Hoglins will be bred with Crimson fungi, and are the one hostile mob that’s breedable.

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