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Face exercise for younger looking Skin – Amazing Result


Best Face exercise for younger looking Skin

‘’Beauty comes from within’’ is a true saying that always tries to look you more beautiful on the outside as well. The busy life of everyone is fully shown on the faces in the form of tiredness. But do not worry because scientists are always there to introduce solutions for such problems. The best solution to this problem is facial exercises that will rejuvenate the skin and look more awake. Best facial exercises to make you more awake and active.

According to the new study published recently in the journal JAMA Dermatology, the facial yoga can make you look younger than your original age.

Best Face exercise for younger looking Skin

‘’Now there is some evidence that facial exercises may improve facial appearance and reduce some visible signs of aging’’

Says lead author of the study, Dr. Murad Alam, Vice chair and professor of dermatology at Northwest University Feinberg School of Medicine and a Northwestern Medicine dermatologist.

Facial yoga is 100 years old proven French method that lifts face and neck in just nine weeks. I am going to show three Face exercises that will help you a lot.

Face exercise for younger looking Skin

  • Lifting your Eyebrows:

Hold a mirror at eye level and look at a distance between your eyebrows and your eyelashes. Meanwhile, place the three middle fingers of both hands underneath your eyebrows.

Place them in a manner that your palms of your hand are drop down to your face. In this way, you can push your eyebrows up into the forehead. Then by using your forehead muscles, push down into your fingertips.

Look straight while keeping your eyes open and then count to five. Repeat this 3 times for a count of 10 and then close your eyes at the seventh second, in this way oxygenated blood will be flooding into the upper eye tissue. After each move takes a fresh breath. After this, you will get a change in your face. Best facial exercises to make you more awake and active.

  • Stretching your jaws:

Sit and erect your shoulder and lift your chin looking at the ceiling. Then slowly turn your face to the right shoulder and directly look upward. Come to the lower jaw and put it a little forward and hold its contraction for 5 seconds.

Then slowly release that lower jaw and head to its position. Take a cleansing breath. Repeat this movement of looking to right shoulder three times for a count of 10. Repeat the same process for left side as well.

  • Vertical forehead lines:

This exercise is for removing vertical forehead lines. Simply, you have to put three middle fingers of both hands vertically between your eyebrows. Your fingertips will be next to your eyebrows.

Anchor this area by pressing into your forehead. Hold these muscles that sound the eyebrows as you are bringing your fingertips together. Do this for five seconds. Then release and remove your hands. After that, take a cleansing breath. Do this for 10 seconds for every movement. Best facial exercises to make you more awake and active.

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