Fifa 16 PC Lag Problem Solved

Fifa 16 PC Lag Problem Solved

Here is the best setting to play FIFA 16 PC without lag smoothly. I had problems with little bit lag while shooting kick in goal, I was very sad about it after some research I take some changing it and it works for me.

Now I am enjoying Fifa 16 Without Lag

Fifa 16 Lag problem Solved

Try some methods below, it works fine for me.

Set Setting of FIFA 16 Games

fifa 16 setting

Fifa 16 PC best configuration Setting


Change Resolution, this is the optimal setting

Change resolution to 1080.

Manage 3D setting as Normal


Change Theme

Change the theme of your window so you can get free memory and CPU usage to play the game smoothly.

Make sure all background running programs will be closed.


Hope these work fine for you.

If you have any problems ask me in the comment box.


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