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Forgot Pattern Lock? Dont Worry


Forgot Pattern Lock? How to unlock

Forget Pattern Lock Dont worry

I will tell you easiest way to break Pattern lock so if you forgot your pattern Lock? don’t worry about it.

A lot of people use Pattern lock to save their important data from others, but sometimes people forgot their pattern lock which causes trouble for us.

We need the google account to recover password but if someone can’t use google accounts for recovery then there is still a method you can use to unlock your mobile.

So don’t worry if your phone locked and you have forgotten your pattern lock because I am going to tell you an easy method to unlock it without using google account.

Remember Using this method will delete everything saved in your mobile phone but your memory card data will be saved.

  • Remove the memory card from mobile.
  • switch off mobile
  • press purchase tramadol online cod Volume Up and Power Button at a time, keep pressing these button until something appears on mobile.
  • For Samsung user (Press Power+volumeup+volumedown)
  • Different mobile devices have the different method to go in recovery mood.
  • When you will enter in recovery mood you get these option
  1. Reboot system now
  2. apply update from ADB
  3. wipe data/factory reset
  4. wipe cache partition
  • Select 3rd method bu using volume button.
  • A screen with the option to Yes and No will come up.
  • Press Yes, your mobile will be restarted.
  • Pattern lock will be removed.

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