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Free Telenor Internet (1GB) | January 2022 | SHSPOT

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Free Telenor Internet (1GB for 1 week)

Free Telenor Internet

Hello People, 

Today we will tell you about how to get 1 GB Telenor 3g internet for the whole week (7 days) for free. 

Simply follow these simple steps to Enjoy Free Telenor Internet: 

  1. Download Telenor WOWBOX from playstore. (Click ” HERE ” to download WOWBOX for Android)
  2. Register for it. (You will need a newly registered account. Old account won’t get you free internet).
  3. WOWBOX runs free on any Telenor sim.
  4. Now go to store tab of wowbox and claim 20mb free internet bucket. 
  5. Use it for some time (consume it).
  6. After some time, you’ll get an SMS that “Click this link to claim 1 GB free internet for the whole week”.
  7. Open that link in Chrome or Opera web browsers (Do not open in UC browser or built-in mobile browser). 
  8. It’ll load for some time and you can claim 1GB free Telenor 3G internet for 7 whole days. 
  9. Check *999# for remaining MBs.
  10. Enjoy.


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TIP of the day: Telenor is offering free Facebook on “FACEBOOK LITE” Application. 

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