Fun Facts about Smartphones That You Probably Didn’t Know

Smartphones these days are an absolute addiction.

And the kind that no one is immune to.

From grandma to little princess, everyone has eyes stuck to the screen.

Whether it’s watching favorite cartoons, listening to news, everything is done on smartphones.

Since we are talking so much about the smartphones, here are some fun facts that you may not have known:

The term “Smartphone”

We are obsessed with smartphones these days.

And we obsessed with anything related to that.

There is tech-noise everywhere.

But the term “smartphone” itself was coined much later than the first phone came out that fit the description of a smartphone.

There were phones that combined communication and other features in early 1973, but the term smartphone wasn’t used until 1997 when Ericson described its GS 88 phone as the smartphone.

Morning Paper

Every day we wake up, the first thing we do is check the morning paper.

That’s how it has been for ages.

Only now instead of a morning paper we have our smartphones.

And instead of a paper we have social media apps.

40% of the people who own smartphones check their phones before getting out of bed.

Smartphones Consume Us

It’s nothing new that the smartphones have us consumed.

Whether it’s about instagraming your new outfit of the day or ordering tons of phone accessories website, we are immersed in it.

But it is still amazing to know that people spend one-third of the time sleeping as they do on their phones.

We are all guilty of late night browsing, aren’t we?

And we spend twice the time using our phones than we do eating.

IPhone Manufacturing

Who here is an iPhone user?

I’m sure the majority is.

For how much did you buy your iPhone?

£919? £800? £719? £600?

Can you imagine how much does it cost to make an iPhone?

Take a wild guess.

Now let me blow your mind.

The cost of one iPhone is

Wait for it

£ 162.58!

I kid you not!

I bet you didn’t know this fact.

Imagine how much profit they make per device.

Phone with Camera

We can hardly live without our phone cameras.

An average person takes about 150 selfies in week.

We have developed some sort of quick shutter behavior where we want to capture each and everything.

Can you imagine before 2000 there were no phones with cameras?

Can’t imagine what that would have been like.

First phone with a camera was released by Japan in 2000.

The Most Expensive Parts

Of course for an iPhone, nothing is expensive enough.

But there are some parts of a smartphone that are more expensive than the others.

The screen of the phone and the memory are the most expensive parts of a phone.

Therefore that’s what you should take care of the most.

So if you want to save more money, then the wiser move would be to spend a little of it now.

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