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Google Secret Features – 2022


Friends today, Google Chrome will tell you some of the hidden features that very few people know about.

First of all did you know you can put an alarm on Google?
Do a search. If you do not know Google Timer, find out first and then open Google.

The Google Alarm will start ringing after your set time.

What is a Search? If not then do atari breakout now if you ever Google
After the search, click on the images option just like on the screen shortcut

When you click on the images, the images will take the form of a game and you can play as well. See screen shortcuts

What is the search? If not then search Google Gravity according to the screen shortcuts you have ever had on Google

Doing so will slow down your Google

What is Search If not done by searching screen shortcuts Barrel roll Have you ever been to Google?

Doing so will cause your Google to spin and Google will start spinning around

So hopefully you will like some of these features and there are many more features of Google as well.


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