Classes 1-5 to Have Uniform Curriculum for Next Academic Session

Govt Warns About Faux Information on the Single Nationwide Curriculum

Of late, a concerted marketing campaign has been began by vested pursuits to discredit the exceptional effort made by the federal government to plot a single nationwide curriculum (SNC) for all faculties in Pakistan. Among the falsehoods being unfold are as follows:

An Ulema Board has decreed that every one human figures within the Biology textbooks of the SNC be coated with applicable garments to guard their modesty. Qaris from madrassahs could be appointed in all faculties, private and non-private, to show the Holy Quran.

The SNC discriminates in opposition to minorities.


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The reply to those untruths are as follows:

The Single Nationwide Curriculum has up to now solely been accepted until grade V. Biology is a topic that’s taught starting from Grade IX and no textbooks for Biology have up to now been finalized. The federal authorities’s approval course of for Science textbooks doesn’t contain any session with the Muttahida Ulema Board, and so any declare that the Board has prohibited the inclusion of any diagrams or instructional materials from the Biology textbooks is factually inaccurate. Science textbooks are being developed in shut session with famend native and worldwide specialists, and won’t be accepted for publishing till it’s decided that they meet the required international benchmarks.

It’s, nevertheless, true that Punjab Meeting has accepted a legislation whereby an Ulema Board approves all Islamic content material within the curriculum. The Punjab authorities has knowledgeable the Federal Ministry that no change was made within the Biology textbooks by the stated Board.

No such order has been made by the federal government at any stage. The educating of Qirat to Muslim college students is part of the Islamiyat curriculum and is necessary to foster their spiritual studying. This instruction might be supplied by the present Islamiat or Spiritual Research lecturers, or the college can rent anybody they deem match. This doesn’t preclude anybody, together with graduates of madrassahs, however the choice of who to rent is of the person faculty, whether or not public or personal and never of the Federal Authorities.

The Curriculum discriminates in opposition to minorities.

Completely not true. The Single Nationwide Curriculum is a historic initiative launched to eradicate Pakistan’s long-standing class-based training system and create equal instructional requirements for all the scholars of Pakistan, no matter race, class, gender, and every other arbitrary marker. It’s being developed with knowledgeable enter from all segments of society and is being designed in keeping with the pedagogical wants of the twenty first century.


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The Islamic content material within the curriculum is strictly in accordance with an act of parliament enacted in 2017. The title of the act is “The Obligatory Instructing of Holy Quran Act 2017” and is necessary on all federal establishments. This was additionally later adopted by all of the provinces besides Sindh.

The SNC has additionally taken particular care to make sure that no materials in it offends the sensibilities of any of the minorities in Pakistan. In truth, it’s for the primary time {that a} separate particular curriculum has been ready for Hindus, Christians, Bahais, Sikhs, and Kalaash. Ministry’s whole try has been to make sure that the curriculum shouldn’t be solely reflective of all Pakistanis however promotes tolerance, peace, and brotherhood amongst all communities within the nation.

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