Here’s Why You Should Buy Google Pixel 2 XL

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Google Pixel 2 XL is Amazing! Buy Today

The original Pixel launched by Google received a lot of good reviews last year.

But the models that came out had an amazing camera and incredibly fast software.

And naturally, it raised the bar so high that it has become even a bit too high for Google to pass.

But hey! Have you heard how great the Google Pixel 2 XL yet?

The bar just went up over the moon.

With a 6-inch screen, the Pixel 2 XL is the bigger of the two models released by Google as compared to the 5-inch screen Pixel 2.

So are you looking to upgrade your phone?

Because Pixel 2 XL is the Android phone to buy!

Here is why you should totally get your hands on it!

Google Pixel XL


The overlook of the phone is not exactly outstanding, but it is good enough to fit in with the flagship phones very well.

Much like, if not better, than the Pixel’s AMOLED, it has a pOLED display with a 6-inch screen.

It has a crisp contrast and beautiful colors, especially when compared to iPhone 8.

The display ratio is also 18:9, which is much taller than the previous model.

Moreover, there is also an addition of the “always on” function that shows the notifications even in sleep mode.

And Now for The Best feature: The Pure Android Software

If you have been an Android phone user, you surely know what an Android software feels like.

But that it always customized and changed and so the user experience is also affected.

But the feel of pure Android software is the most refreshing experience.

With Google, you get the cleanest and the fastest software that you can possibly have.

And that comes with the benefit of timely additions.

The tweaks by the other companies make the software slower, but in its real form, it is even better than iOS.

Then There Is The Most Amazing Camera

Yes, a camera and not cameras.

With a lens and not lenses.

It was much of a disappointment for many when the Pixel 2 XL had just one lens, unlike the rivals that had dual lens system.

But it blew everyone’s mind when they saw what this camera can do alone, and it puts everyone else to shame.

Not only does it have the crispest quality but also offers the Bokeh effect, that everyone is dying for these days.

With just one lens and some help from the software, Google achieved what many needed so much help for.

And you know what’s even better?

Pixel 2 XL has a portrait effect for the selfie camera as well.

So now you can not only take great photos from the rear camera but also enjoy the same quality in your selfies.

That’s something other Android smartphones do not have as yet, and it will take them some time to get there.


So if you are going to buy a new Android phone, might as well be the best one of the shelves!

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