Hidden Talent of Pakistan

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Hidden Talent of Pakistan



“When life throws you a lemon, make a lemonade”.
Back in 2009, when life showed me how unfathomable and unpredictable it is, I decided to carve out a path for myself smoother than the one I had tread before. I accepted every challenge life threw at me but I did not stop doing what I liked either. During my stay at IST, besides studies, I had ardently pursued event management – WSW ‘09 became my first event as an organizer and spirited junior while IYC ’13 was my last as manager. The days of my life between these two events became nothing more than a list internal and external events which I organized with a team of determined juniors. To them, I am eternally grateful. Event Management became my passion so I stuck my arms in the dirt, knowing full well that there was no reward at the end. The concerned authority felt something, though, and the very first award for Event Management in IST’s history came to my shelf. Good day, that was, for I won the second medal that day, for best table tennis player. Life has its own way of teaching us lessons. It is a rare human who learns from the experience of others – we tend to learn only from our own experiences. I learnt that I had to be water; to be flexible enough to adjust myself according to whatever situation I was in.
That’s exactly what I tell everyone…be Water.
Because let’s face it, you HAVE to be water in order to make lemonade from that lemons.—— Faizan Awan (Materials-Batch 02) MS Scholar, Institute of Space Technology , Islamabad

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