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How iPhone beats Android-Know the best features of iPhone:


How iPhone beats Android-Know the best features of iPhone:

It depends on the choice of a person as choosing of mobile phones varies from person to person. If we talk about iPhone and Android, they both have a lot of best features but if compare them, iPhone will probably beat android in many best features. But if you ask about my choice, I love and I use android phones from the beginning. But this doesn’t mean I ignore the features of iPhone and if my friends and family ask my suggestion for buying the phone, I always recommend iPhone. The reasons why I recommend iPhone are below:

If we talk about the features that which phone work faster, iPhone will come first. Editing a video or opening a heavy file, iPhone will perform this in few seconds but if come to android it will take minutes not seconds.

How iPhone beats Android-Know the best features of iPhone

The best camera ever in mobile phones is in iPhone. iPhone can beat android again with its best camera result. If you look at iPhone X, one of its filters I saw is just amazing that its results may match with DSLR. You can also match the result of an Android phone camera and iPhone. The iPhone takes more vibrant photos with more vivid and more natural looking colors. It is more excellent in sunlight. There are many Android phone cameras that have nice results but can’t reach the standard of iPhone camera.

Android company made a lot of promises to streamline their skin; the iPhone remains the easiest phone to use by far. It works in a very easy way in just a few seconds. Pick it up, turn it on and then touch the app to open.

You can get the best apps in both, Android and iPhone but you can avail the hottest apps in iPhone. You can use other such apps that are not available on Android phones.

It’s not a good sign for prospective android phone buyers that some of the most popular articles we do are bloat-ware removal guides. Samsung and others have gotten better at minimizing the pain for users by lumping all corner bloatware into a single folder, but it’s still just crap taking up space on your phone.

You may have tried Mac with iPhone. You will be probably surprised to know how wonderful iPhone works with Mac. For instance, with the continuity feature in macros, you can use your Mac book to send and receive text messages and can receive and place calls. All you have to do is just keep your phone nearby.

Moreover, iPhone is much safer in keeping data as compared to android phones. You can keep memories safe for centuries.

Once again iPhone beats Android in its payment. Means, apple pay is the most popular method for making mobile payments. It’s also very simple to use. You don’t need to be worried because all you need to do is bring your phone close to the supported payment terminal at the checkout counter and then press your finger on your phone’s touch ID sensor.

iPhone best supports you and always there to provide you the best apps and features. iPhone doesn’t let its user to bore.


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