How to Block Mobile Numbers in All Networks? Easy Method

How to Block Mobile Numbers in All Networks? Easy Method

Are you disturbed by the useless and unwanted calls and SMS coming over on your mobile phone all the time in daytime and night time? Especially in the night time the constant calling of unwanted numbers and continuous coming SMS can be much annoying. In order to keep yourself away from this annoying condition, here we have come across with the simple guidelines where we would make you teach with the methods about how you can block the numbers on all networks. All the cellular networks including Zong, Mobilink, Telenor, Warid and Ufone has come about with their special services right through which the users of these networks can block the numbers coming over with the unwanted calls and SMS at the reasonable cost charges. It’s time to get rid of blockers forever because i will tell you How to Blick Mobile Numbers on All networks.

How to block any mobile number on all networks

So let’s not waste any more time and scroll down to catch the amazing methods about how to block numbers on all networks:

How to Block Mobile Number in Zong?

Zong has readily come up with the introduction of the service right through which you would be able to get access to the unwanted calls block service. Right through the use of this service you can easily the block those number that is somehow coming out to be the medium of disturbance for you and not only unwanted calls also SMS service. In order to get avail with this service you have to follow the below-mentioned steps:

How to block Mobile number on Zong Network

  • You can simply dial the 9211 and block unwanted call or SMS from any network number. In order to get avail with this service, you will be charged with the cost of about 15 rupees plus tax as per month.
  • The Zong blocking code is also 420.
  • You can also get activate this service by typing block<SPACE><NUMBER> and send it to 420. Its activation charges are Rs. 15+tax per month.

How to Block Mobile Number in Mobilink?

Likewise, all other cellular networks, Mobilink has also introduced with their service of Mobilink block right through which you would be able to block the calls as well as numbers easily.

How to block Mobile number on jazz Network

  • To get this service, you can SMS simply by sending as “act is” to 420.
  • You can also activate it through the call by simply dialing the 402 and follow the instruction.
  • If you want to get unsubscribe with this service through then simply type “DEACT ICS” and send to 420.
  • Charges activation service through SMS that is 1.0 plus tax per SMS and through call charges are 2.0 plus tax per day.
  • For this service activation, prepaid customers have to pay the charges of Rs. 0.5+tax per day and postpaid customers will be charged with Rs. 14.99 +tax per month.

How to Block Mobile Number in Warid?

Warid has also brought about the introduction of block unwanted number service as in favor of their prepaid and postpaid Warid user. The registration for the purpose of the “Warid Call & SMS Block 9211” service can be done by through by dialing the 9211 or via SMS. You have to dial IVR 9211 and then just follow the instructions to subscribe the service or you can also Type “ Sub ” in the SMS option and send it to 9211. For the activation of this offer, the activation charges will be Rs. 19+Tax that shall be applicable for both prepaid and postpaid users. This Warid blocking service is categorized out to be known as “Warid Call & SMS Block 420″. Warid has even introduced with the service of the pre-existing and self-recorded messages for all those users who wanted to convey it to their blockers. With this service, you can record your message even in a funny way like “Ab Tang key k Dhekao Zara Bhai”.

How to block Mobile number on Warid Network

This is so Funny!

How to Block Mobile Number in Ufone?

  • If you want to avail the block service of Ufone, then you can write a message and type sub, and send to 420. On each single SMS on 420 you will be charged with the Re.1+Tax.
  • In order to block SMS and Calls, you can hence write a message and type blockNumber and send to 420. For example, you have to perform it like 03331234567 blocks 03001234567 blocks 0511234567 blocks 0012134567890.
  • If in case you wanted to unblock SMS and Call from a number added to your blacklist, then you can type SMS unblockNumber to 420.
  • In the subscription, prepaid customers will be charged with Rs.3.75+tax per week and postpaid customers will be charged as Rs. 15+ tax per month

How to block Mobile number on Ufone Network

How to Block Mobile Number in Telenor?

Get yourself rid of all the unwanted calls and SMS on your Telenor number by activating the block service of Telenor. As you will block the SMS or call you would no longer be able to receive it from anywhere on your mobile until and unless it is done from the same number. To get activated with the block service, you can type, ‘sub’ and send it to 420 to get registered. As you do get registered you will be able to get a confirmation SMS. You can, later on, SMS the Number which you desire to block by sending it to 420. The activation per month charges for this service is Rs. 20 + tax. Plus blocking or Unblocking a number over SMS has the cost charges of Rs. 2 + tax at one time. Rs. 20 + tax per month charges are meant as in favor of both the prepaid and postpaid customers of Telenor.

How to block Mobile number on Telenor Network

This is all we have ended up with the discussion about the different cellular network methods of blocking the numbers of all other networks! It just the matter of few seconds and a few charges of activation and you would instantly be getting rid of the unwanted callers!

I hope you are clear about the article and Now, you know how to block mobile number on any network.

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