How to Bypass Facebook photo tag verification

How to Bypass Facebook photo tag verification

1. Go to Google images search

2. Type facebook+”name of 1st friend” copy and paste from a blocked account

3. Search, you will see the picture of the 1st friend in the 1st 3 results

4. If you didn’t identify the picture, repeat the same

5. If you didn’t identify the friend picture, simply skip the picture and you will get another one (you always have 2 skips picture option)

6. After you identify the 5 pictures facebook generic cialis at walmart will ask you to change your password and email password

7. Change your facebook account password and confirm that you change your email password (even you don’t)

8. Now everything is OK

9. If you see this message(no verification method is available now) just log out and wait 1 hour to login, if you failed to verify the photos, Facebook will give you 1 chance to verify 5 pictures every 1 hour.
I hope you will find this method helpful.

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