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How to Changing Windows Password 2022


Today I’ll tell you how to reset your Windows password.

There are now several ways that Windows XP can be opened without a password.
The following methods are being offered to the readers so that they may be used as needed. However, use these techniques only if you forget your computer password. Trying to open another computer in these ways would be a crime, rather than a robbery.

The first Method:

When we install Windows, it automatically creates an “Administrator” account and leaves the password blank. So if you ever forget your password, try the following method first. Run the computer ‘as soon as you start
ٖ F8
Press to bring up the “Safe Mode” option. Then click on Safe Mode.
When you come to the Windows Welcome Screen / Login screen twice
del + alt + ctrl
Press the button together. Then the classic Windows login window will open. In the Username box
Type and leave the password field blank. Then press Enter ‘Your windows should open. You can now add a new password by going to Control Panel and then User Account.


The Second Method:

If the above tips are not successful, then do the following: It’s actually space
Is what experts left in Windows XP.
(1) Run a computer via Windows XP’s bootable CD.
(2) Keep following his instructions. When asked for guidance on whether windows repair is needed
Press to start repairing. (Repair)
(3) Simultaneously the system will start copying files from the CD for repair.
(4) After a few minutes, the setup computer will restart. Then do not press any buttons/keys or else the CD setup will start anew. So let him get to the place where he left off work.

(5) Now the setup started doing different tasks At the bottom right of the cross bar, you will see the speed of the work.
(6) Look carefully at this crossbar. When it came to writing this
: Installing devices
Then immediately
F10 + shift
Press the key and press Enter
(7) Pressing this key will open the Command Prompt window in front of you. Write it in this window
(8) Now the same user accounts window that appears in the control panel will open in front of you. So now you can reset your old password and add a new one.


The Third Method:

Windows XP and other newer versions of Windows have a built-in mechanism for retrieving forgotten passwords. It works via a “password reset disk”. If this disk is created after installing Windows’ then it is possible to recover the forgotten password in minutes.
The way to create a “password reset disk” is to open the control panel first. Then click on User Accounts’ This window will open. Now click on the user account ‘A new window will open. On the opposite hand of this new window, you will see this English phrase written.
Prevent: a forgotten password
Clicking on this link will open the Forgotten Password Wizard. Follow the instructions given here and a password reset disk will arrive in your hands.


The Forth Method:

Password Alert software is available around the world. Many anti-virus makers, such as Kaspersky’s ‘BitThunder’ opera, make this software. Download them and help them reset the password.

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