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How to Check your internet ping? 2022


Today to take another small tip for you.
Often you find that your internet speed is low even though the Internet is full of signals.
Because most of our search is done through Google. So sometimes the speed is even lower due to Google’s search engine.
Google’s search engine speed can be checked by pinging it. The way to do this is to press the window button with your keypad and select this screen
Write what is written in the shot. So you will look like this.

Now you hit Enter. With this you will start to see such a window on the screen. And Google will also see ping time.
If the lines in it are running at the proper speed, well, if the lines are moving slowly, that means it’s slow due to Google’s search engine.

Hope you like this article. I want to get rid of people who already know about it.
God bless you.

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