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How to check Zong number without balance | Updated

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How to check Zong number (Without balance)

How to check Zong number if you have forgotten it? 

This is one of the main questions asked by Zong network consumers. We are writing this article just to tell you people that no need to panic, you can easily check any ZONG sim number easily. 

We will provide 2 different ways to know about any ZONG sim number.

  1. By sending a message (without any message charges).
  2. By dialing a city-specific code. 

By Sending a message: (Service provided by ZONG itself)

Follow these simple steps:

  • Dial *100#
  • From the options generic buy us tramadol online cialis kopen menu, press “Send a message” 
  • Now type any message
  • Send it to any known number 
  • Check number of the sender from that other number

By dialing a city-specific code.

Simply Dial *8# from your cell phone. It will show you your sim number. 

Note: Remember that in this step, these codes can differ with the cities, as Islamabad can have *8# but Lahore can have the different code, so try from *9#, *0#, *1#, *2# and so on. 


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