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How to convert djuice to telenor talkshawk

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How to convert Djuice to Telenor talkshawk

A lot of people asked me about How to convert djuice to Telenor talkshalk , So I have provided all details here . Telenor

There are a lot of good Telenor feature also available.Telenor

  • Telenor Talkshwak 75
  •  Telenor Talkshawk 24 Hrs,
  • Telenor Value Package
  • ,International Dialing
  • International roaming.

These packages are best for call offers, SMS Bundles, Internet Bundles, international Offers Talkshawk very popular in public because of very low rates for calls.. . In below we give you some step through this you can easily get Talkshawk.

How to convert Djuice to Talkshalk


To convert Djuice to Talkshalk

  1. Select Write New Message option of your mobile phone.
  2. Write “Migrate” and send this message to 345.
  3. Then you will receive message by Telenor.
  4. Reply the received message by selecting desired number.
  5. After a while you will receive a confirmation message and your package will be changed according to your choice…

After doing all these things you can djuice to Telenor talkshawk . Here we will share all latest Mobile packages.SMS rates with Activation and de-activation method.

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  • When i wrote migrate and send to 345 its fail to deliver for conversation dijuce to talk shawk .

  • There telenor don’t responce I have send many time message to 345 but still they don’t responce plz tell any other code for this problem

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