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How to Download Facebook Total Data in One Minute.


Friends,  I’m sharing a great Facebook tip with you today. Hope you like this trick.
In this trick we will learn how we can download all our data from our Facebook account.

What can you download from this trick?

Photos videos will be downloaded and Documents posts and comments etc. will be downloaded in the form of documents.

So let me tell you how you do it all first, log in to your account.
Beyond that, I have prepared screenshots for you that will make every member feel good.


When you’re done, Facebook will now collect all your data and send it to your Gmail,
The link to download the data will come to your Gmail account that you have used on Facebook.
You can download all the data by clicking on the link in the mail.
That is, a separate folder of images will be a separate folder of videos and a separate folder of documents.

Hope you like this Article remember me in your prayers.

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