How to Enable Mac-Filter Secure Your Wifi Connection-2022

Friends This article is about WiFi security if you want your WiFi to use the same one you want.
So this method is very useful that I am going to tell you
That way even the guy who doesn’t know your WiFi can even access your password. He will also need your permission.
This method is called MAC filtering. The MAC address of the person to whom you want to provide Internet access will be added to your Wi-Fi router.

How to get a Mac address?
If you want to add a mobile phone, go to Settings and then click on Legal Information or Moor Information.
If you do then your Wi-Fi MAC will appear
If you need a laptop Mac, you can go to the Network & Sharing Center and click on Wireless there.
Click on the status, you will see the address by the name of the physical address will be your MAC address.
If a Wi-Fi device has to be Maced, it will be written on the back of that device or it can be installed on the computer and repeat the procedure with the laptop.

How to add a Mac address?
Now copy the Mac that you need to install and go to the settings of your router first. You can use any browser.
Enter your router’s IP address in the URL bar in any browser and press Enter to go to Settings.
Now enter your password and username – the username is usually the admin.
And click on the login – the IP address of your router will be found on the router’s back side and you will remember.

Watch the screen shortcut now


Please see the following screen shortcuts after logging in

Then click on MacAddress AdNew to provide Internet

Now write your Mac etc and click on Save, your work is done.

Even if someone knows the password, your internet will not be able to run.

How To Turn Off The Internet?
Now if you want to shut down the internet of what MacAid is, delete the Mac
If it has to shut down the internet for some time, set it according to the following screen shortcuts

Hope you like this article.

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