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how to Fix USB-2022


You know from the title of the article what the article is about.
If you have a bad USB flash drive allocated, you should not throw it away but keep it as the doctors treat it.
Then let’s go to the doctor
let’s go
You must have seen this error when you plugged in a USB flash drive and opened a computer
That is the following.

Please insert a disk into a removable disk.

Because this is a common problem with USB flash drives
So then you should not get angry and throw it away.
Unable to run USB flash drive and it is having trouble formatting

Windows was unable to complete the format

To fix such a USB plug it into the system by right-clicking on my computer’s icon
Click on

Computer Management Utility will open under Storage in the menu on the left.
Click on All System Drives
Our flash drive in it
Other drives will also be available, but USB names will not be available
For this, it has to be identified by its size
While Windows it
Unallocted space

As will be showing. This means that it has finished its partition. No, the drive cannot be used if it does not have a partition
This space is not visible in my computer by right-clicking on USB space here
New simple volume
Click actually we’re going to create a USB partition
Simple Volume Wizard will be launched no need to do much work here
File system
And the volume labels you can select as you want because each new partition has to be formatted to use it.
There it is

Perform a quike formate
Also check

Then click the Next button at the bottom of the last window to tell you that the job is done.
Click the button

Now if you look at the desk, this drive should be there too

So friends can do this for your memory card too
If you like my hard work, thank you


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